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The delivery of your package

When you place an order on our website, it will be possible that shipping costs are added to your order amount. You will find below the conditions for such costs.

Order amount  SHIPPING COSTS
de 0 à 400€ without VAT 40€ without VAT
+ de 400€ à 900€ without VAT 60€ without VAT
+ de 900 à 1400€ without VAT 80€ without VAT
au delà de 1400€ without VAT free shipping!
Order amount  SHIPPING COSTS
de 0 à 484€ with VAT 48,40€ with VAT
+ de 484€ à 1089€ with VAT 72,60€ with VAT
+ de 1089 à 1694€ with VAT 96,80€ with VAT
au delà de 1694€ with VAT free shipping!

Note: the shipping costs apply to all orders delivered in Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands and France.

If you want to be supplied in another country please take contact with our sales department. 

Delivery time: 5 to 10 days (excluding weekends and holidays).
If the product is not in stock, extra time is expected. In this case, a mail will be sent to inform you.

The conditions listed on this page apply only to folding tents available in our E-Shop.

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