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Sliding curtains
Sliding curtains

- Plastified polyester canvas 32 oz (900 gr/sqm) , 12/12.
- Assembly by high frequency soldering, super resistant.
- Large colours scale (at least 30 colours in stock).
- With rollers bolted on reinforcements (on the upper lenght).
- With inox buckle and straps bolted on reinforcements (on the under lenght).
-With reinforcements under all the intermediary uprights.

We manufacture “ISOTHERM” sliding curtains (K = 4.5) in order to refrigerate food without generator.

Photo gallery
Curtains and lettering for Knauf
Sliding curtains
Curtain side truck trailer
Here is a full four-colour digital printing on a semitrailer from Girrets Pierre costumer
You can see her a Knuf semitrailer with sliding tarpaulin - This semitrailer has picture printing and is protective varnished for transport
This is full four-colour printing  tarpaulin for Faymonville transports lorry
Here is a Schreiber made to measure tarpaulin for a semitrailer Faymonville with pictures printing
These are new sliding curtains with pictures printing for Knauf
Here are sliding curtains for semitrailer
A sliding roof was set up on this dump truck
Here are grey colour sliding curtains for trailer lorry
Here is Knauf's trailer lorry
Here are sliding curtains with full four-colour printing for Tirlemont sugar refinery
Here is a lorry curtain with lettering and full four-colour printing
Here are sliding tarpaulins for lorry with tension by elastics
this is a curtain with four-colour printing
Here is a full four-colour printing varnished to protect the tarpaulin
This sliding tarpaulin for lorry and semitrailer is made for a transport costumer
These sliding curtains were manufactured for a semitrailer
This lorry was covered with a tarpaulin for Rehau
These sliding curtains were manufactured for lorry with trailer from Riche's woodwork
This sliding tarpaulin was manufactured for a Nuswift lorry
Sliding curtains were set up on this lorry
Here are sliding curtains with printing for Antalis
This full four-colour printing was varnished against mechanical aggression on the entire surface of the tarpaulin.
Here are sliding curtains with full four-colour printe tarpaulin everywhere on the surface
Here is a lettering on sliding curtains with colour gradation.
Here are sliding curtains with lettering and full four-colour printing for a Meplac's lorry
Here is a tarpaulin for a semitrailer
These are sliding curtains of a lorry
This Faymonville semitrailer was realized in four-colour printing tarpaulin.
Here are the sliding curtains of this Knauf's semitrailer
You have here an tarpaulin placed on a container
Here is a sliding tarpaulin with four-colour printing varnished for an Isometal semitrailer
These Gerolsteiner's sliding curtains have four-colour lettering
These sliding tarpaulins were set up on a Weerts' semitrailer
These are sliding curtains with painted lettering for a Transport Mond semitrailer
Here is tarpaulin of sliding curtains of a semitrailer
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