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Schreiber always prepares a draft design of the shape of the structure on the basis of the client and architect's wishes. Analysis of stability is an important aspect in the overall design of architectural fabrics. The double curvature of the fabric and the necessary tension make the calculation of the forces on the supporting structure very complicated. In order to create a secure project, it is therefore very important to carry out an analysis of the loads with a programme specially developed for this purpose. The tension in the membrane and the forces induced in the supporting structure are calculated by this programme. Distortions due to external loads (snow and wind) are then examined with an in-depth study. This analysis enables the feasibility of the project to be assessed.

Detailed analysis of the canva
The creation of the cutting plan is the most important stage in the production of architectural fabrics. The 3D model obtained is divided into sections that can then be cut. Schreiber also uses specially designed programmes to generate the desired cut and to obtain minimal or negligible deviations between the mathematical model and the actual structure.

Manufacturing of the tensile membrane
During the manufacture of the membrane, Schreiber pays meticulous attention to the quality of the finish of the cuts, from both a technical and aesthetic point of view. In this way, the structure is able to obtain the desired shape and the resulting forces in the membrane are supported in an optimal manner.

Installation and maintenance
A professional specialized team takes care of the installation of the structure and putting the fabric in place. Tensioning allows the desired shape to be obtained without folds and ensures maximum life span. Schreiber can also take care of the maintenance of the structure, from regular checking of the tension to cleaning of the textile membrane.


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Schreiber has more than 200 years' experience in the tarpaulin and tent industry. No project is too big or too complex for us to handle!
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Schreiber has built its reputation on quality and a rigorous, meticulous approach. Choose Schreiber to guarantee the success of your projects!


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